Last night at the Royal Geographical Society

Finally, the talk and slideshow at the Royal Geographical Society. The last one I gave was five years ago, for the Sudan book. Mike Palin, who’s now President, gave me a good introduction and helped field the questions afterwards, and it all went (phew) pretty well. Actually, I decided to make life easy for myself by writing out the script beforehand, and the great thing about doing that is that it reduces the nervousness about fluffing lines. Even if you don’t read from the script, at least you know it’s there, so it’s good for confidence — you know it’s there in case.

But anyway, the slides carry the show in this kind of talk, and I’d added some video clips as well. The turnout was fantastic – more people than the 700-seat auditorium can seat, so they opened an overflow room with a video link.

Anyway, at least I got to share a stage with Mike. And supper afterwards….

(That’s Narisa, my publisher and longtime friend on the left, and on the right Selena, my co-author on the book – ethno-botanist)

Next is the launch party and show of prints at Jean-Paul Gaultier tomorrow. Today we have to fix the prints….