Hay Festival Cartagena

[for some reason beyond my limited understanding, in Safari, at least on a Mac, the movie appears as a pop-up, which it shouldn’t! It’s OK on Firefox, but of course it’s not OK at all, and if there’s anyone out there who can tell me what I’m doing wrong with embedding QT movies, I’ll definitely buy you a beer somewhere!]

Gave my Tea Horse Road talk and show yesterday at the Hay Festival in Cartagena — that’s the beautiful, energetic city of Cartagena de Indias, Colombia. Although I adapted the show for Spanish, in the end I didn’t think my own Spanish was quite up to the task, especially at a literary festival, so I began instead with (this for Spanish speakers): “Les ruego me disculpen por no hablar en español, pero será más amable en sus oídos delicados si se utiliza la traducción simultánea.”

All went well, and it was packed. I started with the cultural difference between tea as we English understand it, and tea in the Chinese concept (aka as it should be!). I use a silly slide which says it all about where I come from, Lancashire…

For those who don’t know the north of England, this cuppa has the essential quality of being strong enough to stand a teaspoon up in it. And by way of complete contrast, here’s the real thing — Pu’er tea being served in Heshun, southwest Yunnan…

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