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Fifty Paths to Creative Photography

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Fifty Paths to Creative Photography  (October 2016)

Fifty paths










Ilex Press, part of the Octopus Publishing Group, is publishing the latest book from professional photographer and bestselling author, Michael Freeman, Fifty Paths to Creative Photography, on 6th October.

The book, priced £20, provides 50 “paths” to creative photography, looking at subjects from cliché to zen, to explore what makes great photography and to help readers produce original, insightful photos. The book looks at the work of a range of “great” photographers, in addition to Freeman’s own work.

Ilex publisher for photography, Adam Juniper, struck the deal for world rights direct with the author.

Freeman, who regularly shoots for the Smithsonian Magazine, has published tens of books on photography which, according to Octopus, have together sold 4m copies worldwide and been translated into 27 languages.

Juniper said: “Michael is always popular, and his most massive bestsellers have advanced how people think about photography; this book really does that – it’s truly inspirational.”

Freeman added: “This was the biggest challenge of any book I’ve written on photography. On the face of it, when someone asks ‘how can I be creative?’ or ‘how can I develop a style?’, it’s unanswerable. That’s why there are no books on it. Then I thought, if so many people are asking, it’s important enough to deserve some real, practical answers.”

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The Photographer’s Pocket Book: The essential guide to getting the most from your camera Paperback  (June 2016)


Digital cameras have detailed manuals concentrating on technical features but neglecting the fact that great photographers not only know how to navigate menus – they understand how the operation of their camera will help them to take better pictures. In a handy, take-anywhere format this book, revised from The Photographer’s DSLR Pocketbook for the mirrorless age (not forgetting SLRs), gives the reader the benefit of Michael Freeman’s decades of professional experience.

Opening with the anatomy of a digital camera, the book then covers settings, exposure, capture and image workflow, clarifying the operations of your camera and allowing you to operate it with speed, confidence and accuracy. Michael’s own photography and diagrams illuminate his points perfectly, making this an attractive and informative read.

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Book Review by John Owen

ISBN: 9781781573433
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Octopus Publishing Group


New Thai Style


Thai Style is renowned throughout the world for its grace, form and colours, reflecting wider national culture. Whether pavilion-style architecture,elegant interior designs, innovative use of textiles and materials, Thai style manages to combine cultural traditions with skilled craftsmanship and moderninterpretations. These design forms have evolved into a 21st century paragon of design practice and universally admired. Contemporary Thai Style —one that merges ancient practices with modern fashions, graphics and technologies is what this book seeks to showcase.

A number of carefully selected homes, resorts, hotels and residences from the north, through Bangkok to the islands in the south are featured in New Thai Style – a cornucopia of all that is new and exciting in confident, thrusting Thailand’s design scene. Work from established and emerging architects and designers are featured as international culture vultures and collectors, hot hoteliers and developers lead the way with a 21st-Century aesthetic, confident and contemporary, yet still distinctly Thai.

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The latest in the Photographer’s Eye series…

Here’s a link to a new review of The Photographer’s Vision. This came out in October, and as you can probably tell from the title, it’s the third in the series that began with The Photographer’s Eye. There’s a fourth in the making, by the way, and we’re finishing it up right now — for publication later this year.

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